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"I bought the copywriting guide and the Tiktok shop guide. I learned that Tiktok shop wasnt my thing and I decided to try copwriting. I only decided to work 1-2 hours a day on it. Now in my 4th week I quit my job to do copywriting full time and just hit 10k!"

In the Matter of 5 Weeks

Charlie S

"Its simple, I got told by my teacher that I was going to go no where in life if my grades were C's and D's. So I wanted to prove her wrong. I wanted to start a business but didnt know how. I then bought the Tiktok shop guide and followed along with it. I just had my first 15k month and showed her, she said nothing."

In the matter of 2 weeks


"Just 2 weeks ago I was making about 1k a month from my job. But now I already made double that in the matter of 2 weeks. I kept seeing the tiktok affiliate guide and decided to just give it a shot. It has made me over 2k now. Just amazing!"

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